“To deliver me who grew up a little” NGT48 Hiyori Honma, fans delighted in the release of swimsuit off-shot

NGT48’s Honma Hiyo updated Twitter on Monday (31st). Released a swimsuit off-shot when shooting “Weekly Playboy”.

[Photo]Himma Hiyo, a chic green bikini and a small floral swimsuit off-shot

Nyoyo Honma pulls the group as a front member in the 5th single “Sherbet Pink” released by NGT48 for the first time in 1 year and 9 months. It has also become a hot topic as a regular model for women’s fashion magazine “bis” (Kobunsha).

Homma posted an off-shot of “Weekly Playboy” released on the same day on the 31st. We released 4 photos of chic green bikini and small flower swimsuit taken on the beach and Japanese-style room and said, “Weekly Pre-san is a long time ago, so if you could deliver me who has grown a little from the last time … I think.”

From the fans who saw the post, “It was a good gravure with a sun-like smile and an adult-like expression”, “I saw my eyes blindly”, “It was nice for grown Hinata Honma” There are many acclaimed voices.

▽Honma Hiyo Twitter

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