U.S. FDA Director Corona Virus Vaccine Emergency Approvals Before Clinical Trials

US FDA Director New Vaccine for Corona Emergency Permit Before End of Clinical Trial 11:57 September 1st FDA, Director of the Food and Drug Administration, Hahn, is the final stage of vaccine development An interview with the media revealed that it may allow emergency use before the end of the third stage clinical trial. According to an interview with the British newspaper “Financial Times”, the FDA director of the US FDA says that the effect of the new coronavirus vaccine outweighs the risk even before the end of the third stage clinical trial, the final development stage He said it could, if judged, use a system that allows emergency use before official approval to allow vaccination.

“It’s up to the developer to apply for an emergency use permit,” said Hahn.

Normally, vaccines can be inoculated with the approval of national specialized agencies for their safety and efficacy, but President Trump told Twitter in August that someone inside the FDA would test vaccines and therapeutics. He added that he was making it difficult to secure people and claimed that he was trying to delay the results until after the presidential election.

In an interview, Director Khan denies the pressure from the administration that he “is based on scientific judgment and not political” when giving emergency permission, but clinical trials have not finished It would be extremely unusual for a vaccine to be widely given to the general public, and vaccine experts have criticized Hahn’s policy.