U.S. Federal Security Service Announces 39 Missing Children Found

U.S. Federal Security Administration Announces 39 Missing Children September 1 at 7:46 AM

As the child’s missing case becomes a serious social problem, the U.S. Federal Security Service said it has found a total of 39 missing children in southern Georgia.

In the United States, more than 420,000 cases of missing children were reported last year, and many children are involved in human trafficking and other damage, which has become a serious social problem.

Against this end, the U.S. Federal Security Service worked with support groups and local authorities to search for missing children over a two-week period in August.

As a result, according to the announcement, a total of 26 people were rescued from apartments and motels in the state, as well as the whereabouts of 13 people and confirmed their safety.

In addition, nine people have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, kidnapping and possession of drugs for their work in the case.

Some of the children who had lost track of their whereabouts are believed to have suffered from child labor and sexual abuse, and there are concerns about psychological conditions as recovery is not easy.