ZEROICHI Familia Expected rising star, Kizumi Amaha’s transparent white skin, beauty Buster Cut

Azumi Kizumi, who belongs to Zeroichi Familia, appears in “Separate Young Champion”. The other cut and the interview have arrived.

[Photo]Clear white skin, Akiha Kizumi’s beautiful Buster Cut

Amo belongs to Zeroichi Familia from August 1. First of all, when asked to introduce myself, I’m Kizumi Amaha. I will do my best, so thank you for your support.”

When asked about the first issue of “Separate Young Champion,” he said, “I’m really happy. I was so proud of my parents and friends. This family made me happy, but above all, The most happy thing is that my good brother is “soogo! “I was so happy,” he said, “I personally really like the pool, so I was very happy to be able to shoot in the pool. Hyper fun mode after eating my favorite meal at my favorite pool I really want you to look at me.”

Amagou likes to visit public baths. Another my boom is going out with my brother. “I have two younger brothers, but the one I often go out with is the younger brother under eight. I am very happy as my sister that I am happy to take my younger brother to various places!” He gave me

The goal is to decorate the cover of a magazine. “I’m very attracted to the work of swimwear right now, and every time I see a nice swimsuit on SNS, I’m filled with the feeling of “I want to be like this, I want to be like that.” So I want to hone myself even more so that I can decorate the cover so that I can dress in various ways.”

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