2006 D. J. Dilla sues’Donuts’ songs for unauthorized sampling

“Workinonit” from J. Dilla’s “Donuts” was recently rereleased and licensed to Netflix, but sued for unlicensed 10cc “Worst Band in the World” Has been.

In 2020, the ensuing copyright lawsuits are becoming even more bizarre. In the latest legal battle over music rights, record companies and publishers involved J. Dilla’s Donuts, released in 2006, three days before the hip-hop artist’s death. The remaining grace is until next Wednesday. You have to respond to a legal allegation of unauthorized sampling of a rock anthem.

●[Watch the video]J. Dila “Workinonit” and 10cc “Worst Band in the World”

According to a complaint filed in March 2020 and amended in April, J. Dilla’s album legally recorded a variety of music including James Brown, Dionne Warwick, Ran DMC, Beastie Boys, and 10cc. I’m sampling-but I’m sampling the 10cc “The Worst Band in the World” from 1974’s “Sheet Music” on “Workinonit” without permission. It’s said.

The plaintiff in this case is Music Sales Corporation. “The Worst Band in the World” since signing an exclusive management contract in 2019 with New York-based music publisher Manken Music Inc., who has long owned the song. Have managed the right. The plaintiffs allege that J. Dilla has no license to use this song in any form, and is not trying to get one-no one in the defendant’s name has the license. That’s it. Defendants include Universal Music, EPHCY Publishing, and the label Stones Slow Records.

“Donuts” was re-released as a box set in 2013 and as a cassette in 2014. According to the complaint, the plaintiff’s predecessor had raised concerns about infringement to the three defendants around 2014, even before Music Sales Corporation partnered with Manken. Despite all this information, Stones Slow released the 10th Anniversary of Donuts in 2016.

Since then, Universal and EPHCY Publishing have also licensed Netflix to Workinonit. Used in Dave Chapelle’s show “Part 1: The Era of Dame” and “Part 2: Speaking of Texas,” both have been very popular among the comedy shows on the platform since they were released in 2017. I’m proud The audio excerpts from these shows have since been awarded the Best Comedy Album Award at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

According to Music Sales Corporation, the company has the right to seek warranty damages for defendant’s “intentional, willful, malicious and oppressive” actions-and at least this defendant. He also claims the profits he earned each year and seeks to pay lawyers and guarantee the costs associated with litigation.

Representatives of Universal and Stones Slow did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone magazine inquiries. J. Dilla died at her home in Los Angeles in 2006, but has continued to release her work through relatives after her death.

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