Assuming a disaster, police officers will hand signal traffic control training Wakayama

Assuming a disaster Police officers hand traffic control training 12:24 on Wakayama September 2 In preparation for a disaster such as the Nankai Trough’s huge earthquake or a typhoon, the police officers will be unable to use the traffic lights during disaster prevention week. A training for hand traffic control was held in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture. The training was conducted at the intersection of the national highways near JR Hainan Station, and 15 police officers from the Hainan Police Station participated.

After actually turning off the traffic light, a police officer who took turns standing at the center of the intersection was using a hand signal while blowing a whistle to guide the approaching vehicle.

The hand signal is expressed in the direction of the police officer’s body. When the police officer stands in front of the driver, it means “red traffic light”, and when looking sideways, it means “green traffic light”. Give it a signal that all cars will stop.

On the 2nd, the driver was confused without understanding the meaning of the signal, but the police officer calmed down and dealt with it.

Toshio Fujita, director of the Transportation Division, Hainan Police Department, said, “I think some drivers have never actually seen a hand signal. When a signal disappears due to a disaster, the I want you to see the direction carefully and pass safely.”