Chairman of the Los Olipala Organization Committee to revise the Charter to allow protest against discrimination

Chairman of the Los Olipala Organization Committee Revised the Charter to Allow Protests Against Discrimination september 2 at 4:11 PM

As protests against racism spread in the United States, Casey Wassermann, president of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee, said one day that “coordination is needed to allow protests against discrimination at the Olympics” and called for a second revision of the Olympic Charter, The Associated Press and others reported.
The organizing committee of the tournament announced the official emblem of the Los Angeles Games on the 1st.

According to the Associated Press and several Other media outlets in Europe and the United States, Wasserman, chairman of the organizing committee, called for an amendment to the Olympic Charter, saying that “coordination is needed to allow racial discrimination protests at the Olympics and Paralympics” in connection with wide-spreading protests against racism in the United States.

The Olympic Charter prohibits demonstrations and political, religious and racial propaganda at competition venues, and In June, President Wasserman sent a letter to IOC International Olympic Committee President Bach asking him to amend the charter.

Bach has indicated that the IOC’s Athletes Committee will keep an eye on the outcome of discussions with athletes around the world on the issue, but attention is focused on how to respond to the wider protest against racism in American sports.

In addition, the tournament emblem announced on this day adopted a novel design that moves a part of the design.

It is a special design in which the part of “A” written “LA28” moves and changes, and 26 kinds were announced at the Olympics and Paralympics on this day.

Some of the designs are unique, combining Japanese “a” with basketball.