Devo’s Mark Mothersbow confessed to being “dying” due to Corona Virus infection

Devo frontman Mark Mothersbow was hospitalized at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for 18 days and struggled with COVID-19 for 18 days. He was connected to a mechanical ventilator and was often in a state of delirium. I revealed it in an interview at the Los Angeles Times.

Mothersbow thinks he might have been infected by the virus at the end of May when he worked at his music production company, Mutt Music, near his visitors. I had said that the initial symptoms were just fatigue, but when my fever exceeded 39 degrees I asked my wife for help. “The next morning, a nurse came in and said, “I should enter the ICU,” recalls Mothers Bow. “I said, “It’s ridiculous,” she said, saying she had been a nurse for 30 years, and went on to say, “I’ll call an ambulance right away.”

Anita Greenspan, wife of Mothers Bow, said the nurse saved his life. He spent the next two weeks at Cedars Sinai Hospital, where he was helped by a mechanical ventilator to breathe, and most of the time he was in delirium. “I often have a favorite bookstore that buys stationery, but I felt like I was there,” he said. “For those two weeks, I believed in someone in Tokyo that I was beaten up by a brick.”

“I felt like I was hit and bleeding,” he continues. “It was handcuffed and tied to a downtown parking lot. There was a detailed story inside myself that these children sold themselves to an ambulance company. Children were COVID-19 I was completely convinced that I was carrying these patients to their ICU and making some money.”

Mother’s Bow’s family was unable to meet him in the hospital. The family kept in touch through videos and did everything possible to keep him sane and solid. Especially when he was in a state of delirium, when he tried to escape from the hospital and locked him in bed. “If anyone knows that you’re in the ICU at COVID-19, please get in touch and give them a touch of the outside world,” Mothersbow said. “Because it’s easy to lose track of where I am and why I’m there. I never knew I was on a ventilator for 10 days. Time makes no sense.”

A month ahead of Mother’s Bow’s slump, he answered a telephone interview with Rolling Stone magazine about 10 TV/movie soundtracks that were important to his career. In what he didn’t cover in the interview, he revealed that Devo was on a short tour unless the pandemic hit him directly.

“I was planning to do three or four gigs in September,” he said. “One of them (the Cruel World Festival) was centered around Morrissey. Others were planned for festivals in New York and Cleveland.”

Devo has not been touring since 2014. But Mothers Bow has long pondered the farewell event. “We just couldn’t get enough momentum to do something with people with different interests,” he says. “I was trying to make it really big.”

“For example, “A day with Devo” or “A weekend with Devo”. “It’s like an Easter egg hunt. I think it’s more interesting to have a variety of events around the city you’re staying in. I see Devo playing another 70’s or 80’s song. It’s more like going to, but it didn’t happen.”

Despite not making a spectacular farewell tour, Mothers Bow has not yet thrown away the idea of ​​wearing a trademark yellow suit and a red energy dome to perform a devo live after the pandemic has settled. “It’s like walking out and dancing in high school cheerleading costumes,” he says. “On the one hand, I think I like to play when I’m on the stage. But on the other hand, everything I do is’Oh, yeah, this was when I was 20. I’m old. I have to move on.” However, one day I’m going to do a little more live, and maybe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be willing to take Divo. Then we can make excuses to gather again.”

Anyway, it’s great for Divo fans. Mother’s Bow is back home and recovering from a nightmare predicament. “Before COVID-19, I felt like “Oh, I feel like I’m about 50 now, but I’m really 70″,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “When I was in the hospital, I felt like I was 90 years old. Now I’m back to 70, and I’m about to return to 50. That’s my goal.”

From Rolling Stone US.