Hinatazaka46 becomes a fairy carrying Vitamin C! Inside the body of Tokui and his first CM after returning

The WEBCM of the vitamin C supplement “Lypo-C” featuring the idol group Hinatazaka46 was released on the 2nd. Yoshimi Tokui, a comedy duo tutorial, has also appeared and will be the first CM appearance after returning. This is the first commercial for Lypo-C from the WEB commercial for the vitamin C supplement “Lypo-C” in which Hyugazaka46 appears. The image of Lypo-C, which delivers a lot of Vitamin C and is energetic, and the image of the members who are full of energy and enthusiasm matched, and Shinadazaka 46 was appointed as the image character. The Hyugazaka46 member became a fairy carrying vitamin C and appeared in the body of five performers (Yoshimi Tokui, Tetsuya Chihara, Ayaka Segawa, Hikapu, Yahararika) who are active in various fields. A cute drawing of carrying vitamin C. Tokui will appear for the first time in a commercial after returning, and will appear as a fleshed-out person (for the first time in a long time). In addition, the song uses “Azato Kawaii,” which was recorded as the lead song in the first album “Hinata Zaka” after the name change. Mirei Sasaki said, “I am very honored to have selected Hyugazaka46 as the character for the new commercial for “Lypo-C”. When I heard the news that it was decided to appear in the commercial, I was so happy that all the members were happy. In fact, I personally use it regularly, it contains plenty of vitamins, my skin feels better and my body does not get tired easily! So, I was able to have fun participating in the shooting by making original costumes and cute art sets.I hope that many people will know “Lypo-C” and have you drink it. “. In accordance with the release of the CM, a Twitter campaign where 46 signed members of Hinatazaka and members win the prize, and 5 members of 46 Hyugazaka (Miku Kanamura, Mirei Sasaki, Nao Kosaka, Kyoko Saito, Fumiho Kato) each. A 6-second ASMR movie that is fun to listen to with headphones will be distributed on YouTube, and a special “CM release commemorative set” will be released in which 3 packages are added to the usual 11-pack package. 6-second ASMR movies and making videos are also available on a special site. (C) Hyugazaka 46 LLC