Hong Kong’s chief of administration says he denies “dividing three powers” Democratic party strongly opposes

Hong Kong Administration Chief Says Denial of “Three Powers” Democratic Party Strongly Opposes September 2 at 3:56 AM

“Hong Kong is not a three-power divided, and the administration has more power than legislation and justice,” hong Kong’s top administration official said in a press conference. Democrats are strongly opposed to China’s willingness to further strengthen Hong Kong’s rule.
“Hong Kong is not a three-power division, and the legislatures and judiciary are divided into roles, and the administration has more power than those,” hong Kong’s top administration chief, Hayashi Tsuki, said at a regular press conference on the day.

There is no description of the “dividing the three powers” in Hong Kong’s Constitution, but until now, high school textbooks in Hong Kong have stated that “Hong Kong is protected by the principle of the three-party dividing.”

Last month, however, it was revealed that such a description had been removed from the new textbook, and the head of education administration had instructed the textbook to put a statement denying the dividing of powers, which made the government’s position clearer.

Mr. Hayashi also stated that “the Administrative Secretary must also fulfill his responsibilities to the central government together with the Government of Hong Kong,” in light of Beijing’s intention to deny Hong Kong’s dividing of powers.

As China strengthens its control over Hong Kong, democratic lawmakers and others said, “It is a statement that overturns the history of Hong Kong, where the three powers have ruled each other. It is unacceptable for the Chinese government to make every move to fully promote Hong Kong’s rule.”