Liberal Democratic Party presidential election: The situation dominated by Mr. Kan’s support for the five factions Focused on the whereabouts of local votes

Liberal Democratic Party presidential election Mr. Kan’s dominant situation in support of the five factions Attention on the whereabouts of local votes September 2 3:46

The LDP presidential election was contested by Three members: Mr. Kishida, the chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, former Secretary General Ishiba, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan. Mr. Kan has decided to announce his candidacy for two days, but the situation has already been dominated by five of the seven factions in the party, and the outcome of local votes will be attracting attention in the future.
In the LDP presidential election to choose Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s successor, Mr. Kishida, Chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, and former Secretary General Ishiba announced their candidacy on the first day.

Mr. Kishida said, “I want to be a leader who can fight for the people, for the nation, and to draw the cooperation of the people.”

Mr. Ishiba emphasized the idea of working on revitalization of local communities, such as “it is the responsibility of the people to execute policies based on the consent and sympathy of the people, and I would like to do my whole thing with all my strength.”

Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan will hold a press conference in the evening of February 2 to formally announce his candidacy.

Based on his support of the Abe administration for seven years and eight months, Mr. Kan is 1st to explain why he decided to run, including the need to make every possible use of the new coronavirus and continue his policies.

Of the seven factions in the party, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s largest faction, the Hosoda, Aso, Nikai, and Ishihara factions, have decided to support Mr. Kan, and the Takeshita faction has also decided to support him, as well as several non-partisan groups.

By simply add these, more than two-thirds of the party’s members have already joined the party, and Mr. Kan has the upper hand.

However, in this presidential election, al al alcause there is no vote for party members, when deciding where to vote for the three local votes assigned to each prefectural coalition, it will be called to reflect the intentions of party members by conducting a preliminary election, etc., so the direction of the vote will be noted.

The LDP presidential election is expected to be officially decided by the Election Committee, which will be held on February 2, to be announced on the 8th of this month and to vote on the 14th.