Maurits cargo ship crash, local ship in removal operation collides, killing two

Maurits cargo ship crash, local ship in removal operation collides, kills 2 on September 2 at 5:43 a.m.

In the accident where a large amount of heavy oil spilled from a Japanese cargo ship in Maurithas, an island country in the Indian Ocean, two crew members have been killed and two people have been lost due to a collision between local ships that were working to remove the cargo ship.
In July, a Japanese cargo ship,”WAKASIO” was stranded off the coast of Mauritio, and heavy fuel oil spilled in large quantities.

Heavy oil recovery and cargo ship removal work is continuing at the site, but according to local authorities, there was an accident on the 31st of last month in which a leed collided with the local tagboat that was working on it.

There were eight crew members on the tboat, but so far two people have been killed and two are lost.

Prime Minister Jagnut visited the hospital where the rescued crew was being treated one day and told reporters that he would “give my regrets to the families of the deceased crew members” and indicated his thoughts to investigate the cause of the accident.

There have been mass protests against Prime Minister Jagnut over the heavy oil spill, which has caused wider damage due to delays in the government’s response, and opposition parties have been further criticizing the government in the wake of the accident.