U.S. Announces Proposal for Priorities for Vaccination of New Coronas

U.S. Corona Virus Vaccination Priorities Announced September 2 at 8:57 AM

A committee of experts considering who should be given priority vaccines for the new coronavirus in the United States has released a draft report that says medical professionals and elderly people living in nursing homes should be vaccinated first.
With regard to vaccines for the new coronavirus, if the development is successful, who should be given priority to vaccines with limited production?

A committee of experts considering vaccination priorities in the United States today released a draft report.

As a result, the first people to be vaccinated are medical professionals and emergency medical personnel who work in the field where the risk of infection is high.

In addition, people with underlying diseases who are likely to have severe symptoms if infected, and elderly people living in groups in nursing homes, etc., should also be given priority.

The following rankings include people in occupations and faculty members who are necessary to maintain society.

The draft report will be compiled based on the opinions of the general public and then used by the U.S. CdC-Disease Control Center and the NIH-National Institutes of Health to determine more detailed priorities.