“Yurukan △” Reproduce that taste!? “Nadeshiko made pork bone stew curry” is on sale!

Asunarosha will release a new item “Nadeshiko made pork bone stew curry” of the popular TV anime “Yurukan △” from Friday, September 4 at Asunaroya official online shop and others.

“Yurukan △” is a very popular manga set in Yamanashi prefecture, depicting the daily lives of high school girls who love camping and enjoy their outdoor hobbies. TV animations aired on TOKYO MX and others from January to March 2018 and live-action drama aired from January 2020 have become popular, and the sequel short animation “Heya Can △” has also been released. It was broadcast from January 2020.

The curry that was decided to be released this time is a retort curry that faithfully reproduces the curry that used Nadeshiko special pork bone powder soup for the hidden taste that appeared in the fifth episode of the animation. The Asunarosha has changed the taste of “Nadeshiko-made pork bone stew curry” that was very popular when it was released in 2018, and comes out as “sweet”.
The package features the characters from the anime, Nadesushi Kagamihara and Rin Shima.

Now that we have more time at home, it’s recommended to enjoy curry while watching anime at home, or make curry at the solo camp and immerse yourself in the world of animation.

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