“Devil’s Blade” A palm-sized Kanawo is here!

From the “AmiAmi” hobby mail order, a complete product figure “GEM Series Demon Blade Blade Hana Kanawo-chan” is here! Reservation acceptance has started.

Tenohira GEM series 5th line-up includes Kaniwo Kuriwa from “Devil’s Blade”!
It is a cute, palm-sized figure that expresses delicate forms and gentle gestures.

As an AmiAmi exclusive benefit, reservations for the same product with an acrylic key chain are being accepted.
You can place it side by side with other Hira series, or display it on your desk or room.

The price is 6380 yen (tax included), and the release is scheduled for mid-April 2021.
Have a reasonable height of 75mm and adorable Kanawo at your fingertips.

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(C) Gotoge Yoseiharu/Shueisha/Aniplex/ufotable