Haruka Miura and JUJU’s famous scene will also be broadcast on “Sekahoshi” Thanksgiving SP tonight

The omnibus “Thanksgiving SP” of NHK’s travel program “The world is full of things you want”, which was performed by actor Haruma Miura who died on July 18, is the 3rd day (22:30-23: It will be broadcast on 15). “The world is full of things you want” broadcast “Thanksgiving SP” The same program, with leading buyers traveling the world as the main character, fashion, gourmet, interiors, miscellaneous goods, like a wonderful star sleeping all over the world A travel program that seeks things. Miura and singer JUJU have been MCs. This time, it is a omnibus that looks back on the two and a half years of the program. From the “happy sweets” introduced at the beginning, we will introduce wonderful things that we have met in various parts of the world, such as secret items that have been secretly protected and precious gems of museum level. In addition, the famous scene of Miura and JUJU who struggled in the studio to delve into the story hidden in the back of the thing. On the official website, it announces, “Maybe that famous scene will appear again!?”