Memories with Atsuhiko Nakata and Tamori “When I graduate from “Itomo!”…”

Comedy oriental radio Atsuhiko Nakata showed an episode with Tamori on August 29 in a video released on his official YouTube channel “Atsuhiko Nakata’s talk-NAKATA TALKS”. Atsuhiko Nakata In a video released under the title “Mysterious Memories with Mr. Tamori”, Nakata said, “When I graduated from “Itomo!” “When I go to the store, Tamori-san is already here. It’s like a small set-up restaurant.” So, Tamori said that he cut out a topic of a cherry tree and showed Nakata and his colleagues a photo. Nakata said, “It’s a very old cherry blossom. I said “I think this is beautiful” for the cherry blossoms that seem to break under the weight of their own branches, so they put their supports on the branches and keep them barely. I think it’s beautiful. And I thought that Tamori-san liked it, but it really makes sense.” He added, “I think it’s been a long time. It’s been a long time, and it’s been so heavy that I feel like everyone’s supporting it.” Nakata. And Nakata said, “When I finished eating the tonkatsu and said “Okay,” Ryosumi-san asked, “Hey! Can I go home?”. “No, I can’t say it. I’m picking up a taxi.” So, I couldn’t say it and said, “Hey, I couldn’t say that. Hey, come on!” I went there (laughs).”