Morisaki Win confesses to his past tardiness “I don’t show you!”

Singer and actor Win Morisaki made a guest appearance in the TV Asahi talk program “Break Out” (every Wednesday from 25:26) on the 2nd, revealing his late episode. Morisaki Win On that day, navigator IMALU posed various questions to Morisaki, who made a major debut in “Parade-PARADE” this July. Among them, Morisaki immediately answered, “What’s wrong with Morisaki Win?” On the day of cranking up the movie “Gokusen THE MOVIE” released in 2009, I remembered a bitter memory, “I made a big delay.” That day, Morisaki woke up 15 minutes before entering. “I wake up suddenly, and it’s already 15 minutes before entry time. It’s quite a rural area, and it takes about an hour and a half to move. Isn’t it possible anymore? But I managed to catch a taxi…” I hurried to the scene. When I finally arrived, I was yelled at me, “The producer is a woman, but you don’t project it today!” However, the director changed the situation by apologizing to the producer, “I have a connection, and it must be reflected in the movie,” so apologetic. It seemed that the producer reluctantly agreed to appear on the camera, and Morisaki recalled the memories of that time.