Special Warning Class Typhoon No.10 Expert “Super Best Evacuation”

Special Warning Class Typhoon No.10 Expert “Super Best Evacuation” September 3, 18:11

Typhoon No. 10 is said to be a “special warning class” and is called “early preparation.”
Where and how should we run away?

Experts familiar with evacuation behavior have called for people to consider “super-best evacuations” that are easy to spend and move safely to a safe place.
Katsuya Yago, a professor at kyoto University’s Disaster Prevention Research Institute, advocates that if moving to an evacuation site prepared by local governments before a typhoon approaches and things get worse is the “best evacuation,” moving to a place that is easy to spend and safe, such as a relative’s house or hotel, where the risk of disaster is low, more than a day before the typhoon is far away and things get worse.

These evacuation destinations, so to speak, are super-best evacuation destinations, where there is no risk of flooding or sediment disasters, and in addition to the homes of relatives and friends living in sturdy houses, hotels and inns prepared by local governments as measures for the Corona Virus will be hit.

This time, because there are only a few days left before things get worse, he says, “I want you to consider whether you can move to these places early and move while you are safe.”

Welfare facilities for the elderly consider moving to another facility

In addition, in welfare facilities where elderly people who have difficulty evacuating live, we also want them to consider moving to another safe welfare facility in some cases.

People who stay at home should be prepared for the power outage.

And for people who want to stay at home as safe, he stressed that “there is a high possibility of a power outage and measures need to be taken.”

“Typhoon No. 15, which caused a massive power outage in Chiba Prefecture last year, caused a power outage in the heat of the heat. There is a possibility that the air conditioner will stop. In addition to measures against the heat, I would like you to prepare more carefully than usual, such as preparing more food.”

An unusual typhoon Evacuation is also an unusual response.

Prof. Yago said of Typhoon No. 10, “It is extremely unusual for the Japan Meteorological Agency to mention that there is a possibility of announcing a special warning at such an early stage, and I would like you to think about “unusual evacuation” as never before about evacuation.”