The first shameful DVD of popular RQ Marina Serizawa, “I can see me de S”

Marina Queen Serizawa, a race queen and gravure idol, recently held a commemorative event for the latest image DVD “First Stage…Kokora” (now on sale 4,180 yen including tax: E-net Frontier) in Sofmap, Akihabara, Tokyo. Marina Serizawa, who is still popular as an active race queen, although her activities have been suspended due to the influence of Marina Serizawa Corona, who held the launch event for the DVD “First Stage…Kokora”. The outstanding style of B88/W60/H95 and the E-cup bust are attractive. Serizawa started the gravure activity from the DVD in earnest. The scenes of Saipan, which was first visited in January of this year, are backed by plenty of overwhelming proportions. Serizawa, who appeared in a cute swimsuit that was renewed for the event of the day, said, “I go to meet my boyfriend who is studying in Saipan, spending time with my boyfriend who will guide me to Saipan for the first time. It starts with a bed in the morning, but I got pretty flirted from the morning.” “There are also scenes of beaches that are also my hobby, boxing and the royal road of gravure,” he added. Regarding the sexy scenes, “At the end there is a scene where I take off the race queen’s costume, but I think it’s very sexy. I think I can see a look I’ve never done before and a de S. “The high leg swimsuit I wore at the pool is sexy in terms of costume. It was a high leg since I was in elementary school, I was surprised when I first saw it, but I thought it would be nice to wear it. I was confident. The first DVD for her. It seems that he has already watched it, “I usually feel quite bright and energetic, so it was embarrassing as usual when I actually made it sexy on DVD (laugh),” he smiled and said, “I also found my own sexy It was fun,” she recalled. The activity of the race queen that is currently suspended is “I would like to do it if there is an opportunity, but I want to focus on gravure this year,” while saying, “Please publish in the magazine and publish the DVD. I want to wear a sexy nurse outfit because I like cosplay on the next DVD,” she said.