Two months until the U.S. presidential election, polls show President Trump’s catch-up

Two months until the U.S. presidential election Poll: President Trump catches up September 3 at 5:05 a.m.

The U.S. presidential election is now two months away from the voting day. Opinion polls still show that former Vice President Biden of the opposition Democratic Party is leading the way, but President Trump is likely to catch up and close the gap.
The U.S. presidential election is now two months old in three days until the voting day on November 3.

According to the political information site Real Clear Politics, the average approval rating of various polls across the United States is 42.3% for President Trump and 49.4% for former Vice President Biden of the Democratic Party of Japan, leading Mr. Biden by 7.1 points.

But while there has been little change in Mr. Biden’s approval ratings after the party congress last month when the DPJ formally nominated Mr. Biden and Senator Harris as vice presidential candidates, President Trump’s approval ratings have recovered and the gap between the two, which shroned around 10 points in late June, tends to narrow.

In particular, six states, such as Midwest Wisconsin, which are expected to determine victory or defeat, have narrowed their six-point gap to 2.5 points.

One of the factors is that President Trump’s stance of campaigning for a stronger crackdown on radical demonstrations has attracted support mainly from conservatives, with the “law and order” being raised, as some riots over protests against racial discrimination.

A poll conducted by Politico, a political website, at the end of last month showed that the number of voters who said they supported the protests was nine points lower than in June.

President Trump, who is on the run, frequently visits hard-finged states to hold rallies and campaign to appeal directly to his supporters.

Mr. Biden, on the other hand, has been mainly appealed via the Internet from his home as a countermeasure against the infection of the new coronavirus, but he is ready to resume campaigning in the fiercely f battleground state and focus on solidifying support.

From the end of this month, there will be a TV debate in which the candidates of both parties will debate directly, and the election campaign is getting fierceer in the run-up to november’s presidential election.

Mr. Biden to visit Wisconsin

Mr Biden, an opposition Democrat, has revealed that he will be visiting Midwestern Wisconsin with his wife three days after protests against a black man being shot from behind by a police officer.

Speaking at a press conference on the second day, Mr Biden said: “We need healing. We have to make people one. The purpose of my visit is to have a positive impact on what is happening.”

On top of that, he stated that he would “consult with community leaders, business circles, and law enforcement officials about what to do,” and made clear his idea of consulting with representatives of relevant agencies in order to settle the situation.

Mr. Biden also criticized President Trump’s response this month, describing President Trump as “not fanning, but solving the problem, but the president is adoring the fire where he is going.”