Unbelievable rare play Hanshin wins against Yakult

No way unusual play Hanshin wins against Yakult September 3 23:54

Tonight, hanshin came back to win the game between Hanshin and Yakult at Koshien Stadium with the opponent’s unusual play.
In the bottom of the seventh inning, when Hanshin scored a goal, a first-base runner from the first baseman with two outs scored a steal to extend the game to second base and third base.

Here, Yakult’s third pitcher, McGuff, won the game 4-3 with a rare play in which two runners returned while the ball rolled to the foul ground in the outfield.

The record was boked because McGuff won the game without a runner, and the second base runner’s return to the home had a bad throw error.

After the game, Hanshin coach Yano gave up Yogawa Naomasa, who stole second base just before the play, as his hero, and said, “Yogawa’s steal worked. In the end, I was lucky, but until then, the batting line was well connected.”

On the other hand, Yakult coach Takatsu said of McGuff’s play, “I want you to ask him. I’m not sure e.m. If you make a mistake, you lose.”