Actor Minoru Tanaka gets drunk and protects the police in a state where he can’t pay taxi fare

Actor Minoru Tanaka’s Drunken Police Protection Taxi Charges Can’t Be Paid September 4, 13:50

It was found that Akira Tanaka, a popular actor who has appeared in numerous dramas and movies, was protected by the police who received the report because he got drunk in Tokyo and was 60 years old when he got into a taxi and couldn’t pay the fare.
According to the people involved, actor Ryo Tanaka, 36, was riding a taxi to his home in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in the early morning of August 3, but he was too drunk to get up and pay the fee.

When a police officer from the Metropolitan Police Department rushed to the scene, they could hardly talk and were protected for several hours at the police station.

On the day, I was drinking at restaurants in Tokyo with an acquaintance.

Mr. Minoru Tanaka has appeared in many dramas and movies, including starring in the popular drama “Ossanzu Love”, and is popular among a wide range of generations for his high acting skills and refreshing looks.

The person in charge of the office says, “I can’t answer at this stage.”