Czech President Visits Taiwan Top U.S. Representative Agency

Czech President Visits Taiwan September 4 at 9:02 PM

As China strongly condemns China’s visit to Taiwan by the second-largest senate speaker in the Czech Republic, the head of the U.S. government’s representative body in Taiwan has indicated support for the chairman’s visit.

Czech President Bistolchir, who is visiting Taiwan, attended an event to think about economic cooperation in Taipei on April 4.

The event was jointly held by representatives of Taiwan and the U.S. government, and Mr. Bistolchir, the chairman of the Senate, said that “democratic countries can work together and work intensively to protect freedom and democracy,” and called on countries that share values in the economic field to deepen cooperation.

On the other hand, Christensen, head of the U.S. government’s representative body, said, “With the preparation for the visit and the many political challenges, I am happy to be able to do so. I would like to praise the Chairman’s vision and leadership.”

Hiroyasu Izumi, head of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Japan’s contact agency with Taiwan, also said in his speech, “I sincerely welcome all of you who came from the Czech Republic.”

China, which regards Taiwan as part of China, has strongly condemned the Visit of the Czech Chairman.

The chairman’s visit will be on the last day, but Taiwan says it is a major diplomatic achievement following last month’s visit by U.S. Health Secretary Azar.