Czech Senate speaker backs Taiwan, european backlash over China’s suggestion of counter-measures

Czech Senate Speaker’s Support for Taiwan: European Opposition to China’s Suggestion of Countermeasures September 4 at 12:17 AM

There has been wider backlash in Europe, with China suggesting a counter-measure to the Czech Senate chairman’s visit to Taiwan and his support for Taiwan.
Bistolchir, the second-largest president in the Czech Republic, visited Taiwan until March 3 to meet with the President of the United Kingdom and make speeches in parliament, showing his support for Taiwan, which is under pressure from China.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who insists on the “one China” principle, has signaled counter-measures, saying it would “pay a serious price.”

In response, German Foreign Minister Maas said at a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Wang today, “We treat our international partners with respect. Expect the same thing from your opponent. Intimidation is not appropriate,” he said, showing solidarity with the Czech Republic.

Slovakian President Chaptoba also criticized on Twitter that “intimidation is unacceptable and contrary to the nature of mutual relations,” and the French Foreign Ministry has shown a similar position.

As for China, Foreign Minister Wang and members of the Political Bureau, who oversee foreign affairs, visited Europe one after another to ease the sense of vigilance among countries over the response to the new coronavirus and the Hong Kong issue, but there has been wider opposition to China over the hard-line stance shown by the Chairman of the Czech Republic.
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