Fukui Prefecture’s No. 1 in the “happiness ranking” is highly evaluated for education and work

Fukui Prefecture is ranked first in the “happiness ranking” for education and work 16:43 on September 4 A private think tank independently ranks the “happiness” of prefectures nationwide “happiness ranking” Was announced, and Fukui Prefecture was highly evaluated in fields such as “education” and “work,” and was ranked 1st this time after three times.

Second place is Toyama, followed by Tokyo Ishikawa Nagano

“Prefecture happiness ranking” is based on national statistics, etc. for each field of “health”, “culture”, “work”, “life”, and “education” , “Happiness” of prefectures nationwide is analyzed and ranked independently, and it is announced once every two years.

In the latest ranking announced on the 4th, Fukui Prefecture was ranked first after the last three times.

Toyama came in second, followed by Tokyo, Ishikawa, and Nagano, followed by Hokuriku prefecture and other prefectures.

Looking at the evaluation of Fukui Prefecture, which ranked first, by field, the evaluation was particularly high in terms of “job” and “education”, and in “job” the “ratio of working women” was the first place in Japan, In the field of education, “athletic ability of children” and “the number of children not attending school” are ranked first, and “scholastic ability of elementary and junior high school students” is also high at 3rd place.

“The Hokuriku prefectures are boosting their ranks because of their stable employment, including women and young people, and the good educational environment in which children can grow up healthy.” Instead of the above, I want them to be able to objectively learn about the characteristics and issues of the area in which they live.”

Expansion of Corona Virus infections Rapid increase in migration consultations to Fukui Prefecture

In Fukui Prefecture, which ranked No. 1 in the “happiness ranking” of private-sector think tanks for the fourth time in a row, the government has pushed out “the happiest prefecture in Japan” to the public and promoted the attraction of migrants and tourists. ..

Still, it is inferior to other prefectures in terms of name recognition and convenience of transportation, and the population continues to leak, but after the spread of the Corona Virus infection, a certain change has occurred.

It is a surge in emigration consultation.

Last month, the number of consultations with the Fukui Prefecture Emigration Counseling Service for the month jumped 2.5 times compared to April.

In particular, since the consultation from young women and families living in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka is conspicuous, the prefecture not only takes consultations but also provides generous support, such as employment, and U-turns and I-turns. We are strengthening our efforts to connect them.

The person in charge at the prefecture’s counter said, “The number of consultations from people in Fukui who live alone in the city, who want to make a U-turn because they are worried about corona or want to move with their families. I want to publicize a place where people can feel more secure than in large metropolitan areas.”

Some people who moved to Fukui Prefecture before the spread of the new coronavirus also pointed out the merits to be noticed again.

Mr. Tatsunori Kasahara (32), Mr. Risa (31), who moved from Tokyo five years ago to Ikeda Town, which has a population of about 2,500, and his wife’s house, are an old private house that was given away free of charge. That’s it.

Preschool girls play around freely without worrying about “three denseness”.

When I was working for a company in Marunouchi, the center of Tokyo, I spent over an hour and a half commuting on a crowded train every day, but now I have more than 10 minutes by car to work at an agricultural and tourism facility in the same town.

It is said that if you have the Internet, you will not feel any difference in terms of information.

Risa Kasa says, “I’m surrounded by people I don’t know in Tokyo, and I don’t know how many people I met, but here I have a lot of peace of mind because I can grasp it myself. I think there were things that could be seen because there were situations that could not be understood. I think it was a great answer for both me and the children.”

Considering review of “happiness” index such as adoption of telework implementation rate

At the Japan Think Research Institute, a private think tank that created the ranking, the way people feel happy is changing with the spread of new coronavirus infections.In the future, the living environment, commuting time, telework implementation rate, etc. We are also considering revising the method of evaluating “happiness” by incorporating new indicators that were not in the list.

Researcher Naoto Yasumaru of the Japan Research Institute said, “Because of the spread of Corona Virus infections, it became necessary to take measures against infections such as 3 density, so there is interest in the size of the house and workplace, the time to ride a packed train for commuting It’s rising.”

In addition, “As the social paradigm changes due to “Corona Virus Impact,” I think that the values ​​of happiness and how people feel happiness in the region will change significantly. I want to continue.”