Minami Kosetsu: I’m worried about coronal throat “I haven’t sung for the last 6 months, so I sometimes feel uneasy.”

“BAR IN THE RADIO” “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast on TOKYO FM at 1 am midnight from Monday to Thursday. Customers on Monday, August 31 are Kosetsu Minami and Ryoko Moriyama. What are the two common stay-home experiences and “common concerns”?
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(From left) Kosetsu Minami, Ryoko Moriyama, Akibot

◆What are the two things that Ryoko Moriyama is trying to do with Corona Erosion?

Minami: After all, isn’t this time? In many ways I miss you.

Moriyama: Right. After all, I can’t do what I used to take for granted. I have two things to keep in mind. What should I do if I cannot drink alcohol at the end of this time? After all, if you’re alone, don’t you drink much?

Minami: Right. I don’t drink alone.

Moriyama: That’s why I’m forced to drink it alone.

South: Ahaha! What is that (laughs).

Moriyama: Not every day. Until this time, everyone gathered together and drank that much amount, but I hate saying “Oh, I couldn’t drink at all.” I’m scared if it rusts during this period.

Minami: That’s right. Because we are singing business I’m afraid my throat will rust. I haven’t sung for the last half a year, so I sometimes feel uneasy.

Moriyama: Right. That’s why I sometimes make strange voices… “Wow”.

Minami: At home?

Moriyama: At home. I have two households, and my daughter’s family lives next door, but when I make a very loud voice, I’m told, “Mama is noisy!”

South: Ahaha!

Moriyama: At Kosetsu-chan, the house is very large. You can speak to your heart’s content, right?

Minami: Well, it’s the countryside. I came to Tokyo from Oita for the first time in half a year now, but there aren’t many rides, and somehow people are sparse.

Moriyama: Right. After all, I feel nervous.

Minami: I can’t see the convergence of corona right now, so I’ll miss it if I haven’t seen people for half a year.

Moriyama: I miss people. Especially when watching romance dramas and movies, it seems that the degree of cuing increases. Why? I can’t even hug or shake hands with anyone right now.

Minami: No. Then no.

Moriyama: For the time being, you say you’re going to be far away. But that’s why I feel like I want to be closer to me.

Minami: That may be true.

* * *

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