NY stock market falls sharply, temporarily falling by more than a thousand dollars

NY Stock Market Drops Significantly Temporarily Drops Over 1000 Dollars September 4 at 5:39 AM

The New York stock market on the 3rd was sold with all the IT-related stocks that had pulled the market so far, and the Dow fell sharply, temporarily falling by more than a thousand dollars compared to the previous day.
The closing price of the New York Stock Market Dow on the third day was 807.77 cents cheaper than the previous day, at 28,292.73 cents.

The Dow recovered 29,000 dollars the day before for the first time in six and a half months, but on that day it turned around and recorded its biggest drop since the big fall on June 11.

In the market, IT-related stocks have gained popularity among investors and pulled the market, but on this day, the Dow fell more than a thousand dollars, with Apple, Microsoft and others selling together and Apple’s price drop of more than 8%.

For this reason, the Nasdaq stock index, which has a large number of IT-related stocks, has recorded a decline of about 5 percent, well over the Dow.

Market participants said, “In the past, prices have been rising almost one-on-one, and we were particularly aware of the high price of IT-related stock prices. In the future, the large decline on this day may have supported the inevitable steady adjustment.”