Typhoon approach Kumamoto City Hall 7 days business all day stop Ensuring the safety of staff and citizens

Typhoon Approach Kumamoto City Hall 7 All-day suspension of operations To ensure the safety of staff and citizens September 4, 7:30 p.m.

With the approach of Typhoon No. 10, Kumamoto City decided to suspend operations at the city hall on the 7th, when the typhoon is closest, in order to ensure the safety of its staff and citizens. This is the first time Kumamoto City has taken such a response.

The Zoo and Botanical Garden will be closed and the General Gymnasium will be closed.

Kumamoto City announced on the afternoon of April 4 that the city hall will stop operations throughout the day on the 7th, when Typhoon No. 10 is expected to be the closest.

According to the city, approximately 14,000 employees, excluding the 630 staff involved in disaster response, will be working from home or waiting at home.

Since this is the first time that the city hall has been suspended due to the typhoon, we have decided to resume normal operations after 8 days, while judged the circumstances of the damage.

In addition, the zoo and botanical garden operated by the city is closed and the general gymnasium is closed.

Kazufumi Onishi, mayor of Kumamoto City, said, “We have a strong sense of crisis over typhoons of unprecedented magnitude. We judged that it was necessary to prepare for the worst situation. I want the citizens to take action to protect their lives.”