U.S. Pharmaceutical Pfizer to Apply for Corona Virus Vaccine Approval in October

U.S. Pharmaceutical Pfizer to Apply for Corona Virus Vaccine Approval in October September 4 at 6:56 AM

U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has announced that it will apply for approval and approval to use the new coronavirus vaccine under development as early as next month if it determines it will be effective in a final clinical trial.
American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is working with a German company to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus, and final clinical trials are currently being conducted in the United States, Brazil, and other areas.

Pfizer CEO Boula said today that there will be enough data to determine safety and effectiveness of the vaccine as early as next month.

And, if it is judged to be effective, it immediately clarified the policy of applying for permission and approval of use to the regulatory authorities of each country including the U.S. FDA.

On the other hand, ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November, Mr. Boula stressed that he would not be affected by the concern that political pressure would be placed on the government to rush to apply for permits and approvals, noting that “we will not apply for permission or approval until we determine that it is effective and safe.”

Dr. Fauch of the National Institutes of Health, NIH, who is involved in the Corona Virus antivirus in the Trump administration, said in an interview with US media that it is “not impossible but unlikely” to start providing vaccines next month.

The U.S. government is asking states to prepare for the start of vaccinations starting in November, and they are interested in when vaccinations begin.