Yamazato, wife Aoi Yu’s sermon preaching “Apologize!” Wakabayashi delusions “wife transformation”

Ryota Yamazato, a comedy duo and Nankai Candies, starred in the variety TV program “Taranai Futari 2020-Spring Summer Autumn Winter-Summer” (Kanto local, fully distributed on Hulu after broadcasting) on ​​the TV program on the 3rd, and wife Unveiled a sermon preaching from actress Yu Aoi. Ryota Yamazato (left), Masayasu Wakabayashi Yamazato and Masayasu Wakabayashi from Audrey are just the same program that talks and develops comics. Up until now, Yamazato has been writing a “grudge clause” in his “reflection note,” but after his marriage, his wife Aoi confessed that “it has become logically crushed.” In one program recording, “I messed up and I was barking all the way to Kuzneta and saying “I got married and changed”, but it turned out to be “I am doing it before marriage” Yamato. In this situation, he said, “I’m just proud of the scraps…” and complained to Aoi, who came to pick me up on my way back, “If it’s such a setting, I can’t talk about the scraps.” Aoi then interrogated Yamazato, “Eh? Who is talking about that now?” Aoi “Isn’t the meeting called in that form until today’s recording?”
Yamazato “I was called that way…”
Aoi “Who took over at that time?”
Yamazato “Well I’m…”
Aoi “Then you decided to go to that place, wasn’t it Kuzneta, how many new weapons did you have after your marriage, did you go today?
Yamazato “Well, I didn’t prepare for that…”
Aoi “No, it’s overwhelmingly bad (Yamazato)! I’m so annoying about the program! What did you mean when you talk to the program staff next time?”
Yamazato “No, it’s not funny?”
Aoi “I’m funny, I apologize for what I’ll do next time!”
Yamazato “Ah, apologize!?”
Aoi “Apologies! Scared, scared, I’m trying to get angry, except for an apology!”… Yamazato apologized to the staff of the show. Wakabayashi, who heard this conversation, was highly praised, saying, “It’s amazing!” “No, you got married!” However, “I am happy that my wife grows up every time I say that, and I’m excited and I can’t help but excuse me,” he said, “This is play. It’s a crazy transformation of his wife.” (Laughs). I think I’m wearing a bondage, driving, and picking up me (laughs). While striking the side body with a whip!” As expected, Yamazato also controlled as “Stop!”, but Wakabayashi’s momentum pushed him, “But I’ve been alive. I had my queen whip before I dated.” After all, it gets over. Furthermore, according to Wakabayashi’s idea, when he started Manzai with the setting “Yamazato is single, Wakabayashi is married”, Yamazato “(when my wife came to pick me up) another man until the last minute in the passenger seat. Maybe I was sitting!” “(If my wife made a green curry) Come on in orthodox and stupid!” It was the first heat-up that bursts out. Wakabayashi, who continued to be exposed to such “direct sunlight,” said in an interview with Mynavi News, “I was already shining and my eyes were flashing.” “I wanted to quit “the two who don’t live” (laughs). , It was in a state of hand. After the recording, Yamazato said, “(Aoi) says, “So that’s what it means to marry an entertainer?” and “I’m determined”, but “Wakabayashi started it once. I must say that I have to explain it properly.” On the other hand, Wakabayashi simply apologized, “Ryota Yamazato, Yu. I’m really sorry.” The talk battle held in this way lasted for a total of 4 hours. This time, of course, the 30-minute terrestrial program can’t fit, so Hulu has delivered the “complete version.” At Hulu, a new project “Tell me! Futari Futari” will be held where two people will receive consultations from Asami Mizuura announcer, Panther Kei Mukai and Shiori Sato.