Corona Virus: 2.661 million people infected world time, 870,000 dead (3 p.m. on May 5)

Corona Virus World Infected 2,661 Million Dead 870,000 (5 p.m.) September 5, 3:24 p.m.

According to a summary by Johns Hopkins University in the U.S., the number of people who have been confirmed infected with the new coronavirus has been 2,661,845 world-wide as of 3:00 p.m. On May 5, Japan time. In addition, 874,379 people have died.

a country with a high number of infected people

The most infected people are
6.21,727 people in the U.S.
Brazil has 4,091,801
India has 402,3179
Russia has 101,1987
There are 67,145 people in Peru.

a country with a lot of dead

The highest number of people who have died
187,765 people in the U.S.
Brazil then has 125,502
India has 69,561
Mexico has 66,851
There are 41,626 people in the UK.