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Recruitment summary Salary 60 to 10 million yen Job Category IT Project Manager Location 23 Tokyo

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[Job Description]

Local Technology Services Avanade (below LTS) team, Avanade Global provides to all employees, to achieve a working environment from the in-house or remote IT will be responsible for business that supports the system from Japan.

LTS plays a key role in ensuring that Avanade employees work productively and comfortably wherever they are, and is involved in Avanade’s focus on cutting-edge technology and industry-leading customer service.

In addition to day-to-day operations such as support for PCs and system environments, we also take charge of joint work with overseas.A variety of technologies to solve problems in a timely manner, meet employee expectations, build good relationships with the project teams working on customers, ensure data safety and transparency, and continuously improve service.Finding is also an important role.

[Application requirements]

You will work with team members to set up, test, and upgrade the PCs and systems used by employees .It will also be your primary contact point when a problem occurs.

In addition to the above, you will also be responsible for supporting training programs for new employees.In the training program, we will also support the explanation of PCs lent to new employees.

In addition, we may be able to introduce internal tools used in business and support technical troubles.

Daily work content:

-Cooperate with domestic users and support their work from the perspective of in-house system
-Communicate with domestic leadership and users to understand and control business expectations
-Collaboration between domestic support teams and our Global network and security teams
-Installation and operation of AV equipment in domestic office networks and conference rooms
-Incident and IT asset management (eg PC, accessory management, IT asset inventory)
-Procurement of IT equipment including PC imaging for end users (MAC re-imaging and JAMF registration may be required.)
-Windows10 ,Mac OSX ,O 365 ,Office 2016 support and troubleshooting for
-PC hardware troubleshooting and vendor assurance management
-Management and order processing for company-rented mobile phones
-Management and implementation of initial training for new employees
-IT equipment procurement related tasks

If you are interested in this position, are within Japan and meet ALL of the requirements (including language level) please apply.

Experience-A bachelor’s degree or above in computer science, information technology, or a similar undergraduate degree is preferred due to the technical nature of the work.Skills-Those who have more than a few years of experience supporting IT environment with help desk, field support, etc. and who have equivalent abilities with both education and experience are eligible regardless of the above qualifications.
-Knowledge of Microsoft technology and experience in dealing with troubles such as experience with O365 and Windows 10 OS.
-Basic knowledge and experience regarding network skills, cloud technology, and security are more desirable.
-Excellent communication skills such as English ability to communicate with overseas members by e-mail or conference call, daily Japanese conversation, and customer service skills.

Job category IT project manager Salary 60 to 10 million yen Employment form Regular employee Working hours 9:00 to 18:00 Holiday vacation Saturday/Sunday/Holiday/Other
Annual paid leave, sick leave, condolence leave, nursing leave, nursing leave insurance ■ Work location: Tokyo/Osaka
■Leave: Annual paid leave, sick leave, condolence leave, nursing leave, nursing leave
■ Benefits: Complete social insurance, corporate pension fund, defined contribution pension (401K), regular health checkup, cafeteria plan, extended benefit plan
■There is a telework system
■ Short working hours system Benefits and benefits Various social insurance facilities, corporate pension fund, defined contribution pension (401K), regular health checkup, cafeteria plan, extended benefit plan Features Annual holidays over 120 days, average monthly overtime less than 20 hours, flextime system, make use of language skills, inexperienced industry Other consulting

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