Miki Maya “How does this character look?” Enthusiasm for “Sakura no Oyakodon” by Corona

The significance of actress Miki Maya’s broadcasting of this work on Coronal Warfare in response to the coverage of Tokai TV and Fuji TV drama “Sakura no Oyakodon” (starting October 17th, every Saturday from 23:40) I told you. This is a drama in which the ninety-nine Sakura starring Miki Maya, starring in “Sakura no Oyakodon”, acts as “Oyakodon” and tells love to children who have lost their place through “eating”. The story, which is the third in the series, is set in a private children’s shelter again. It will be a broadcast while the environment surrounding children is becoming more severe, such as self-restrained life continued due to the spread of the new coronavirus and the risk of abuse increased due to the increase in home time, but “The situation as before” “I feel that what is important in life is different from what I am living in,” she says. “I feel like there is a growing desire to raise hands if there is something that we can do in this kind of society. It is very strong and deep that the timing of this drama broadcast is there. I emphasized the significance of “I think there is”, and even for children who are really in trouble, “Because there are various places to protect ourselves” I want you to do that.” Regarding the background that the series continued until the third bullet, “Isn’t it in tune with the times?” In addition, “I think that this problem, which has been increasing since Heisei and is still increasing, is how many times I heard it in the news every day even in this coronal disaster,” he said in the 3rd bullet Tell what you are doing. In the first and second bullets, I was looking at the shooting while playing the morning information program, so I recall, “It was amazing (laugh)”, but this time I can concentrate on the work more and The staff also told me to use it,” he said. “I’m trying to immerse myself in this role as much as I want to do, and I want to see how it looks. I have some positioning for other roles. However, I think that it is important for this character to be alive. It’s the first time I’ve been so naked,” he said. I want to run as a person rather than as an actor.” It seems that you can not actually visit a facility because of the coronary bruise, “Because I am watching the video of the abuse, the interview of the abandoned parent, and the material of the DVD, I am referring to the shelter or facility. We are not only looking at what we should be, but we are also looking at the part that makes us want to keep our eyes closed.”