Nogizaka46 Minami Umezawa, a black dress with transparent skin sparkles like a mermaid

Nogizaka46 Minami Umezawa 1st Photobook Official Instagram posted off shots taken in Australia. He showed off a beautiful figure that could be mistaken for a mermaid.

[Photo]White and transparent healthy skin, Minami Umezawa off shot like a mermaid

Minami Umezawa who joined Nogizaka46 as a third-year student in 2016. Grab the role of Elizabeth from the stage “The Seven Deadly Sins The STAGE” by audition, and become a Fukugami in the 21st single “Let’s go with Zikochu!” Furthermore, taking advantage of her 170 cm tall height, she has expanded her range of activities by acting as an exclusive model for the fashion magazine “with”. On September 29th (Tuesday), the 1st photo book “Yume no Naki” (Kodansha) will be released.

“The black long dress suits Ume-chan,” he posted, wearing a dress full of bare skin. The transparent white skin is outstanding, and you can feel the coolness just by looking at it. Also, the appearance of the flowers over the ears is like a mermaid.

Many fans commented on this post, such as “It looks like a mermaid on the land”, “A cute girl rather than a flower”, and “I have a beautiful décolleté”.

In addition, official Instagram (ume1st_minami) of Minami Umezawa 1st photo book, official Twitter (@ume1st_minami), off shots and videos are being released one after another.

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▽Nogizaka 46 Minami Umezawa 1st photo book “near the dream” (Kodansha)
Expected release date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Price: 1800 yen + tax
Appearance: All color 144p/A4 size
Benefits: 1 out of 6 postcards with message included