North Korean media “dozens of lives damaged by Typhoon No.9 executives punished”

North Korean Media “Dozens of Lives Damaged by Typhoon No. 9 Executives Punished” September 5, 12:28 p.m.

North Korean media reported on March 3 that “dozens of lives were lost” in the eastern part of the country due to Typhoon No. 9, and that senior officials in the affected areas had been punished for not evacuating residents in advance.
In North Korea, Typhoon No. 9 landed on March 3, and state-run Korean Central Television reported that roads were flooded in wonsan in the eastern part of the country, as well as damage caused by water damage to crops in various parts of the country.

The Workers’ Newspaper of the Workers’ Party of Korea, dated May 5, reported that Typhoon No. 9 caused “dozens of lives damage” on Wonsan and The Eastern Kangwon Road.

On top of that, he said of the executives in the affected areas, “We did not ideologically accept the party’s policy and did not investigate dangerous buildings and evacuate the residents. “It’s negligent and irresponsible,” he said, revealing that severe punishment had been issued.

The Labor Newspaper does not detail the damage to lives, including the breakdown of people who died or were injured.

In North Korea, heavy rain and typhoon damage have continued since last month, and when Typhoons 8 and 9 landed, Korean Central Television continued to broadcast throughout the night to convey the damage.

Korean Central Television reported on Typhoon No. 10 on Friday night that heavy rain and strong winds are expected due to the possible landing in the northeast.