Shiori Usui, the “naughtiest female announcer in Japan,” boldly exposes national treasure-class white peach skin that seems to stick[Photo 12 points]

Gravure idol Shiori Usui will release the DVD “Peach Skin Angel” on Friday, September 25th.

[Photo]Shiori Usui’s national treasure-class white peach skin that “sucks when you touch it”[12 points]

After playing an active part as an announcer for TBS affiliated Tohoku Broadcasting, he has now turned into a freelance and has become a prominent figure in gravure as “Japan’s sexiest female announcer”.

Even in the latest work, sexy V-shaped swimsuits, no-bra shirts, white lace swimsuits like a bride overflowed with sensuality, boldly exposing the white peach skin that seems to suck when touched. In addition, he also shows police cosplay, but in the middle of the sexy pose, the character’s seriousness is hidden and visible, making it one of the most noticeable works.

▽Shiori Usui DVD “Peach Skin Angel” (Takeshobo)
Release date: Friday, September 25
Price: 4,000 yen + tax

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