“Swan boat race” where you compete for speed with a sightseeing boat Tochigi Lake Chuzenji

“Swan Boat Race” competing for speed with a sightseeing boat Lake Tochigi Chuzenji Lake 5:05 on September 5 “Swan Boat Race” competing for speed with a swan-shaped sightseeing boat is located in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture. It was held at Lake Chuzenji. The race is held every year during the Taisho era, because many foreigners visited Lake Chuzenji for the purpose of summer vacation and enjoyed racing on yachts and boats.

The swan boat has a maximum capacity of 3 people, but this time we restricted the number of people to ride to 2 people to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and the number of boats participating in one race is half that of the usual year 10 It means that we decided to reduce the number to 10% to disinfect the boat and measure the temperature of the participants.

Participants pedaled vigorously, turning back about 200 meters from the starting point and aiming for the goal.

There were boats that were swept away by the wind, but when the goal approached, hot cheers were sent from the people watching us.

A 20-year-old woman who participated alone said, “I was tired more than I expected, but the scenery was beautiful and fun.”

In addition, a 48-year-old man who participated with the child said, “Thanks to the events being held, I enjoyed praying that the Corona Virus would fit soon, as the events were canceled one after another.”