Typhoon No.10: Government calls for early evacuation in South Korea

Typhoon No.10 In South Korea, the government calls for an early evacuation September 5 at 11:08 p.m.

In South Korea, where Typhoon No. 10 is located on July 7, the government is calling on residents living along the coast to evacuate as soon as possible.
South Korea’s Meteorological Agency has announced a forecast for Typhoon No. 10, which is large and very strong, to move north along the east coast of the Korean Peninsula after approaching southern South Korea on July 7.

South Korea’s public broadcaster KBS reported on May 5 that Typhoon No. 10 will approach without the end of restoration work, such as removing debris, in areas facing the Sea of Japan in the southern Gyeongsang (Gyeongsang) North Road, where damage was caused by Typhoon No. 9, which landed on three days.

South Korea’s Ministry of Public Administration and Security held a countermeasure meeting with relevant ministries and local governments on May 5 to call on residents living along the coast, which is likely to be damaged by Typhoon No. 10, to evacuate as soon as possible.