Typhoon No.10 “Increased ness of special warning announcement to Kagoshima Prefecture” Japan Meteorological Agency

Typhoon No. 10 “The lema of the announcement of a special warning to Kagoshima Prefecture has increased” Japan Meteorological Agency September 5, 20:14

As for the outlook for Typhoon No. 10, the Japan Meteorological Agency held a press conference from 8:00 p.m. by The Forecast Manager.
At the beginning of the interview, Mr. Nakamoto stated that “the possibility of a special warning announcement has increased in Kagoshima Prefecture.”

As for the reason, he explained, “Typhoon No. 10 is likely to approach or land In Kagoshima Prefecture from around the beginning of the 6th to late at night on the 6th with a central pressure of 930 hectopascals, and it is expected to enter the storm zone after noon on the 6th.”

“Because of the potential for storms, high waves, storm surges, and record-breaking heavy rain that we have never experienced before, there is a possibility that a special storm, wave, and storm surge warning will be issued to Kagoshima Prefecture, excluding the Amami region, tomorrow morning. It is important for people living in areas where some houses may collapse and may be flooded by storm surges and floods to evacuate tomorrow morning before the storm begins.”

“There is a possibility of record heavy rain and storms outside Kagoshima Prefecture, where special warnings may be issued. Please check the detailed information released by the local weather station and ensure your safety as soon as possible in accordance with evacuation advisories, etc., in order to protect your life and the lives of your precious people.”