Typhoon No. 10 May cause storms and heavy rain that we have never experienced before.

Typhoon No. 10 May cause storms and heavy rain that we have never experienced before September 5 at 7:56 a.m.

Typhoon No. 10, which is very strong, is approaching the north while engulfing the Daitojima region of Okinawa Prefecture in a stormy area, and the typhoon may approach the Okinawa and Amami regions on the 6th and then approach or land in Kyushu on the 7th. The Japan Meteorological Agency strongly calls for measures to be completed before the typhoon approaches, as there is a risk of record storms, high waves, storm surges and heavy rains that it has never experienced before.
According to the Japan Meteorological Agency’s announcement, typhoon No. 10, which is very strong, is located 15 kilometers south-southeast of South East Island at 8 a.m. on May 5 and is 15 kilometers northwest of the sea.

The center pressure is 920 hectopascals, the maximum wind speed near the center is 50 meters, and the maximum instantaneous wind speed is 70 meters.

The Great East Island region is in a stormy area.
At Zhaohoku-Daito Airport, 32.9 meters after 6:20 a.m.,
At Shonan University East Island, 26.7 meters after 6:30 a.m.
The maximum instantaneous wind speed was observed.

Typhoons can approach or land in Kyushu from the Amami region from Sunday 6th to Monday 7th due to very strong or violent forces.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says that on The 6th, it is a fierce force comparable to the “2nd Muroto Typhoon” in 1961, and is likely to approach Amami, Okinawa.

In areas where typhoons are approaching, the Japan Meteorological Agency says it may issue a “special warning” in advance for storms, as record storms, high waves, and storm surges that have never been experienced before could cause severe damage.

If you are in a region that is on a career path,
Check the risks around your home with hazard maps
To consider evacuation sites and when to start evacuation,
Such as to prepare the thing to take out at the time of evacuation,
Please proceed with the preparation that can be do now.