Typhoon No.10 prepared in various places

Typhoon No.10 prepared in various places September 5, 11:42

Typhoon No. 10 is u.S. calling on the Japan Meteorological Agency to finish measures before approaching, warning of record storms, high waves, storm surges and heavy rains that it has never experienced before. Measures are being taken in various places.

Anti-eye measures at Okinawa Hotel

The hotel in Minami-Daitojima, Okinawa Prefecture, was in a hurry to take measures.

Around 7 a.m., employees were tapeging and eye-sticking to prevent debris from splashing even if the window glass was broken by the storm.

Hyogo Fixed Fishing Boats

In the region, it is expected to become a big problem mainly in the southern part from the 6th to the 7th, and a wave warning has already been announced in Wakayama Prefecture and the southern part of Awaji Island.

At Maruyama Fishing Port in Minami-Awaji City, near Naruto Strait, fishermen moved fishing boats to safe places and fixed them with ropes to prevent them from being washed away in preparation for typhoons.

On the 5th, fishermen who go fishing will also finish their work by the morning of the 6th.

Tomio Kojima, head of the Minami-Awaji Fishing Cooperative, said, “At the time of the second Muroto typhoon, there was a great damage such as the destruction of fishing boats in this area. For fishermen, ships are an asset, so I’m worried, but I want to be prepared to defend well.”

Disaster Prevention Products at Matsue Home Center

At our home center in Matsue City, we have set up a special corner to sell disaster prevention supplies to prepare for typhoons, and customers are visiting one after another to buy them.

On the 5th, customers came one after another in the morning to buy tapes to prevent broken windows from cracking and debris from splashing, strings to fix things from flying in strong winds, and cans that could carry gasoline.

In addition, there were many customers who bought bags to make soil in case of heavy rain.

A man in his 70s in Matsue said, “I heard that there was a strong wind like never before, so I bought a tape to reinforce the glass. I’m going to work as soon as I get home.”

Shuichi Okoshi, manager of the home center Juntendo Daibaten, said, “We have set up a special corner to get people to take measures as soon as possible. We want to be well prepared so that our customers can provide them with what they need.”