Yuho Honda talks about taking too much self-portrait in camisole

Yuho Honda, who belongs to Zeroichi Familia, has been talking about his self-portraits posted on his Twitter as “too cute”.

[Photo]Yuho Honda in a camisole taken in a room with “too transparent”

Yuho Honda is a nickname for Pon-chan and is active as a model and cosplayer. With his cute looks as a weapon, he is attracting attention as the cover of “Young Animal” (Hakusensha).

Honda posted a cute selfie, saying “I took it at home.” Not to mention the transparent skin, there is also the sexiness of the hands on the camisole. Also, just looking at a photo with a close distance makes me nervous.

Many fans praised this post, such as “I don’t know how cute it is on the ceiling,” “I’m thrilled when I’m looking at the up-camera,” and “Too transparent.”

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▽Yuho Honda
Instagram: @pon_chan216