Asuka Saito talks with Hakuyama Kanda “I didn’t spit any poison”

Asuka Saito of the idol group Nogizaka46 talked about the talker, Hakuyama Kanda in J-WAVE “POP OF THE WORLD” (Every Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00). From the left, Hakuyama Kanda and Saito Asuka Saito recently had a remote conversation with Hakuyama in the planning of female fashion magazine “sweet” (Takarajimasha), which works as a regular model. Looking back on the conversation, Saito commented, “I listened to (Hakuyama’s) radio all the time, and after that, I finally met and I met. I called to talk (laugh).” Regarding the charm of Hakuyama, Saito said, “I’m a lecturer, so I’m very good at speaking. I don’t get tired no matter how often I listen to the radio. It’s said that he doesn’t lie when he’s on the go. And, “I wasn’t poisonous when I was “sweet,” so I was a bit happy (laughs). It was very kind.” The program can be listened to on radiko within 1 week after broadcasting (only for Premier members if outside the area).