Evacuation information: 1,891 people from 5408 households in 3 prefectures (10:30 a.m.)

Evacuation instructions: 1,891 people from 5408 households in 3 prefectures (10:30 a.m.) September 6, 11:15 a.m.

As of 10:30 a.m., NHK has compiled information on evacuations issued to 5,408 households and 1,891 people in Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Okinawa prefectures, all of whom need to be evacuated immediately and have a warning level of 4.

Evacuation order

It is necessary to evacuate everyone immediately, and the evacuation order which corresponds to the warning level 4 is issued.
In Kumamoto Prefecture,
There are 3583 people in 1447 households in Kuma Village.
It is 24 people in 8 households in Awazu Nagi-cho.

In Kagoshima Prefecture,
There are 388 people from 203 households in Mishima Village.
There are 5043 people in 2831 households in Nishinoomoto.

In Okinawa Prefecture
There are 1295 people in 649 households in Shonan-Daito Village.
There are 558 people in 270 households in The North Daito Village.

Evacuation advisory

In addition, 35 municipalities, including Miyazaki City, have issued evacuation advisories that require immediate evacuation and have a warning level of 4, for a total of approximately 920,000 people in 440,000 households.

Evacuation advisories have been issued.
In Nagasaki Prefecture,
It is Shin-Kami Goto-cho, Sosaikai-shi.

In Kumamoto Prefecture,
There are seven municipalities: Yukuma Village, Shohoku Town, Awazu Nagi Town, Hitoyoshi City, Susui Pass City, Uto City, and Shonan Okuni Town.

In Miyazaki Prefecture,
It is eight cities and towns in the whole area of Miyazaki City and the cities of Asahi-Miyazaki City, Asahima City, Asahi Kobayashi City, Kashiwa Town, Asahi-Nan City, Tochigi Castle Town, and Kashiwa-Ebino City.

In Kagoshima Prefecture,
Toshima Village, Shonan Tanegamachi, Tsuboya Hisashima Town, Shishifushi City, Kasumikaya City, Shonaka Tanega Town, Kashiwa Osaki Town, Koto Kira Town, Kashiwa Nishinomote City, Kashiwa Pillowzaki City, Shonan Kyushu City, Shonan Osumi Town, Yusui Town, Sabae Town, Isa City, Kira City, Kashiwa Kirishima City, 18 municipalities.