Evacuation recommendation for the entire Kagoshima Higashikushira town

Evacuation recommendation for all areas in Higashikushira-cho, Kagoshima 12:42 on September 6 at the risk of inundation of the Hashimoto River The Higashi-Kushira Town in Kagoshima Prefecture, where the risk of flooding has been pointed out, is 3,236 households in the entire town at 8:30 on the 6th. , Issued an evacuation recommendation to 6519 people. The general affairs section on the second floor of the government office has a disaster response headquarters, and Katsushi Eguchi, general affairs section general manager of Higashikushira-cho said, “People who live in areas where there is a risk of flooding will immediately see the safety of evacuation centers I would like you to evacuate to a safe place. At the evacuation center, we are thoroughly implementing measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.”