Mr. 3 who announced his candidacy for the LDP presidential election stay in Tokyo due to typhoon response, etc.

Mr. 3 who announced his candidacy for the LDP presidential election: September 6, 18:15, staying in Tokyo due to typhoon response, etc.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan, Chairman of the Kishida Political Affairs Research Committee, and former Secretary General Ishiba, who have announced their candidacy for the LDP presidential election to be announced on August 8, stayed in Tokyo on all six days to receive coverage and call for online support, including in response to the typhoon.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan’s camp

A young lawmaker close to Chief Cabinet Secretary Naoto Kan has called on local party members to vote for Mr. Kan in the primaries.

In the morning of June 6, a member of the House of Representatives, Shinri Akimoto, a member of the House of Representatives, appealed to supporters over the phone with her secretary at her office in Wakaba-ku, Chiba City.

Mr. Akimoto said, “There is no point in second place, as the Chiba Prefectural Ren has decided to adopt a “total take-up system” that votes for all three votes allocated to the candidate with the most votes in the primaries. I want you to tell the members of the party around you.”

After this, Mr. Akimoto met with three local city council members and called for support.

Mr. Akimoto said, “If we take first place with the support of party members, it will be a force in the case of the birth of the Kan administration. We have to win overwhelmingly in local votes as well.”

Masanori Kishida

Mr. Kishida, Chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, was scheduled to visit the local Hiroshima and Kagawa prefectures on June 6, but he stayed in Tokyo following the approach of Typhoon No. 10 and was explained by relevant ministries and agencies at the party headquarters.

I also participated in the party’s prefectural convention held in Hiroshima City and the meeting to encourage myself online.

Mr. Kishida said, “Former Prime Minister Miyazawa, who is from Hiroshima, often said, ‘Power is very frightening and must be used humbly.’ I want to be a leader who can listen carefully to the voices of the people. With what the local people taught me, I will spend all my time fighting this match.”

After this, Mr. Kishida told reporters, “I was deeply sorry to receive the hot words, ‘Leave the locals to me.’ I’m worried about the damage caused by the typhoon, so I can’t go there directly, but I want to continue to reach out to party members in other regions by remote or telephone.”

Former Secretary General Ishiba

After appearing in NHK’s “Sunday Debate,” Mr. Ishiba entered the office of the Council Hall and was interviewed by local newspapers and sports newspapers.

Mr. Ishiba told reporters, “It’s all about appealing to the public about what to change from the Abe administration and what to take over. We must make an effort to make a mechanism for the bureaucracy to work for the people, not to cover up the government, but to convince the public that they understand.”