Mr. and Mrs. Akishino’s eldest son Yoshihito’s 14th birthday healthy growth

The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, Yoshihito’s 14th birthday, healthy growth September 6, 6:29 a.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Akishino’s eldest son, Yoshihito, celebrated his 14th birthday on the 6th.
According to the Imperial Household Agency, Mr. Yoshihito is growing up healthy.

At school, students learned how to conduct independent research by creating reports, and essays summary of dragonfly and the natural environment were awarded at national competitions.

This spring, I advanced to the second year of the junior high school attached to Ochanomizu University, and I was unable to attend school until early June due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but I was eager to work the issues that were put on from classes and schools online.

During the summer vacation last month, I visited the opening ceremony of the National High School Culture Festival, in which high school students present the results of their daily cultural activities, through the Internet with Mr. and Mrs. Akishima.

After that, the family was able to explain the situation in Japan at the time when Spanish cold became popular all over the world, and they deepened their learning every day while being interested in the effects of the infection.

The junior high school started the second semester from the 24th of last month, and Mr. Yoshihito is going to school energetically.

Mr. Yoshihito releases a video of him strolling around Akasaka Imperial Palace

On his birthday, the Imperial Household Agency released the video.

This is a video of Prince Yoshihito walking around Akasaka Imperial Palace where he lives with Prince Akishima on the 10th of last month.

Mr. Yoshihito has set up a camera toward dragonfly, etc. on the side of the pond, and is occasionally explained how to take a picture while exchanged words with Prince Akishino.