North Korea Damages Typhoon No.9 Chairman Kim Orders 12,000 People to Be Dispatched to Recovery

North Korea Typhoon No.9 Damage Chairman Kim Orders 12,000 People to Be Dispatched to Recovery September 6 at 11:48 AM

North Korean state television has warned that Typhoon No. 10 has landed in North Korea and heavy rain and strong winds are expected. North Korea has already suffered major damage mainly in the northeast due to Typhoon No. 9, and the chairman of the Korean Labor Party, Kim Jong-un, has instructed 12,000 people to be dispatched to the site for restoration.
North Korea’s state-run Korean Central Television reported on Friday morning that a large, very strong typhoon, Typhoon No. 10, was going north and was likely to land in North Korea.

From the 7th to the 8th, it rained 300 to 400 millimeters in north-east Hamgyong and other areas, and the maximum instantaneous wind speed reached 35 meters along the coast of the Sea of Japan, so we called for thorough safety measures.

Korean Central Television also reported that Chairman Kim Jong-un visited Hamgyong South Road in the northeast, where Typhoon Typhoon No. 9 landed on The 3rd of this month, to inspect the damage.

At the meeting held there, Chairman Kim reported that more than 1,000 houses had been destroyed in coastal areas, causing flooding of public buildings and farmland.

It is said that the head of Ham Kyung Minamimichi was dismissed, and he was held responsible for the damage.

In addition, Chairman Kim sent an open letter to all party members of the capital, Pyongyang, and said he had instructed them to send 12,000 people to restore it.

With regard to Typhoon No. 9, the Labor Newspaper reported on May 5 that “dozens of people were injured” in the eastern part of the city, and it was just revealed that it had punished its executives for not evacuating residents in advance.