Numbering, star chart, original four-pronged name… What is “Tokugawa Shimo Sumo” that children and adults can enjoy?

“DUNLOP presents Mirai Encyclopedia” by TOKYO FM, where Miho Yoshida works as a personality. Introducing “people, things, things” that we want to connect to children living on the earth 100 years from now, such as the beautiful scenery of Japan, traditions inherited in the area, and people who work with aspirations. On Saturday, August 29th, we asked Hiroaki Niitani, director of the Japan Paper Sumo Association, to talk about “Tokugawa Shiki Paper Sumo.”

“Tokugawa Shiki Sumo” completed by trial and error

Play that can be enjoyed at home for children and adults of all ages. One of them is paper sumo.

You don’t need any special materials, just make a ring and a wrestler out of paper. Hitting the edge of the ring from both sides with “tontontontonton…” and breaking the ring to see which one will fall, the match is ant. There are no difficult rules, so it’s a fun game to enjoy.

Children enjoying paper sumo

“If paper sumo is a wrestler made by a father and a child, and a father’s wrestler wins, there is no such thing at all. You can play with the whole family in an equal position,” Shintani said.

The “Japanese Paper Sumo Association”, which he serves as a director, is a circle group that “seriously plays” paper sumo. Make wrestlers fight according to the Tokugawa Shimo Sumo standard and create rankings and star charts. We operate this place.

Tokugawa Shiki Sumo started in 1951. Former Chairman Yoshiyuki Tokugawa first played with wrestlers made of paper during the school break during his childhood.

After that, the height of the paper wrestler was determined to be around 6 cm, and the ring was made, and he worked hard on paper sumo. After further trial and error, the basics of the current Tokugawa style paper sumo were completed. Did.

Even if it’s play, “a serious game”

One of the ways to enjoy yourself is to name your favorite quad. Mr. Shintani claims to be the master of the Nishiki style room.

“It’s fun to take one’s name and think of a four-pronged name that is unlikely to be a sumo wrestler. I feel like a wrestler I made, so even if it’s play, it’s a “serious game”. I can’t go into the world of sumo wrestling, but I think it’s really interesting that you can have a simulated experience in the world of paper sumo.”

There are endless possibilities for how to enjoy

In addition, Mr. Shintani says that he has the pleasure of becoming a master and making rankings, stacking places, and raising Ozeki, Yokozuna, and paper wrestlers. The enjoyment of a small national sport is endless.

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